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The Renaissance School


The Renaissance School is an independent, co-educational, elementary day school, located at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne. The Renaissance School offers strong focus in outcome-based education with an emphasis on individualized programs in mathematics and language arts. The Renaissance School is committed to honoring the spirit of each child both in the classroom and as a part of the overall school community. The school's mission also fosters growth on all levels; intellectual, social, moral, physical, emotional and spiritual. The Renaissance School provides outstanding instruction in fundamental skills and helps children build a body of knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.

The school encourages creative self-expression, a life-long love of learning and independent thinking skills. Integrated throughout the curriculum is a commitment to earth stewardship and environmental education. The Renaissance School embraces a love and appreciation for the creative and physical arts as well as providing instruction in foreign language, educational technology and life skills. The Renaissance School maintains a commitment to ethnic, racial, socio-economic and spiritual diversity. The school prepares children to become world citizens filled with a deep and abiding respect for themselves and all people of the earth.
The Renaissance School at Shelburne Farms is a state-approved independent school for students in kindergarten through grade eight. The school grew from its foundation at Heartworks Preschool and is a blend of traditional and innovative approaches to education.

There are four guiding principles at the Renaissance School:

first-graders.jpgFirst is a commitment to providing a strong foundation in the basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Second, children are given a body of knowledge through the use of year long themes in science and social studies. The music, art, and language programs all provide links to each year's themes.

Third, there is a focus on helping children develop a sense of self as a world citizen. The foreign language program in Spanish and French as well as a community service and stewardship ethic help to support this goal.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, is maintaining a heartful approach between children, teachers, parents and members of the school community. Our “Peace begins with me" program provides an ongoing dialogue between children at the school.  Classes are small and family-like in their daily rhythm. Teachers strive to create a learning opportunities that make room for different learning styles. When needed, programs are individualized in language arts and mathematics. This is particularly helpful for gifted children working above grade level in a specific area.

The Renaissance School integrates the creative arts (visual art, drama, music and dance) into its overall curriculum. It also provides a physical education program with an emphasis on life-long sports and outdoor/wilderness education.

The Renaissance School, together with parents, works to establish a foundation of love, security and enthusiasm for learning. We hope to bestow each child with a trust and faith in the goodness of humanity and to assist in bringing forth the gifts of the spirit we all carry within.