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Heartworks in Stowe began in 2014; the school was previously the Stowe Co-operative, whose 40-year history qualified it as one of the oldest preschool co-operatives in Vermont. The school has two classrooms and offers programs for older two-year olds through five-year olds. Located on Main Street, about a mile west of the center of Stowe, Heartworks Stowe has a tremendous playground and open green areas for building gardens and playing, as well as a stream on the edge of the property, which provides a wonderful opportunity for nature exploration. 

Our Preschool Program:

At Heartworks Preschools, we are truly engaging in the “Work of the Heart;” our name reflects our commitment to provide a nurturing academic, social and emotional experience for each child. Through school-wide themes such as Stories Around the World, Animal Homes and People Homes, and Family and Friends, as well as a STEAM Program in the afternoon, we build on children’s natural curiosity about their world, with programs designed to enrich each child with a passion for learning, faith in the goodness of humanity, a deep connection with the natural world and a strong sense of character development such as compassion for all living things. In this warm and welcoming environment children feel safe and confident, enabling them to ask questions, to experiment, to develop supportive relationships with teachers and peers and ultimately to open their minds to the important lessons that will help them become successful learners and good citizens in their community and the world. 

Read about a typical day in a Heartworks Classroom.

Meet Our Staff

Our Heartworks faculty are experienced and kind; most are state-certified with degrees in Elementary or Early Childhood Education. Teachers differentiate instruction to meet the distinctive learning needs of each child and they guide children to recognize their unique potential, while maintaining a compassionate approach. Within small classes, teachers strive to model exemplary character and curiosity, spark each child’s interest in learning and help each child to be successful as she or he navigates the world. Meet our Director and Enrichment Teachers.

Photos from this Campus:

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Children 2 through 5 Years Old

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(802) 253-8686

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618 South Main Street
Stowe, Vermont 05672
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PO Box 339
Shelburne, VT 05482

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