The Heartworks, Renaissance, & Endeavour Schools are a work of the heart.  We provide a safe, nurturing, and creative environment where students thrive as they achieve academic excellence, develop moral character and social and emotional maturity, and attain appropriate life skills. We prepare students for the next educational challenge and to be confident lifelong learners in the service of a better world.

Guiding Principles:

  • Mindfulness, manners, kindness, and respect are essential in our community and help create a positive learning environment and are taught through our Character Development program
  • Spending time in nature, during play time, science class, hikes, PE,  and field trips such as kayaking, helps develop physical skills and life skills, as well as an interconnectedness with the Earth and all living things
  • Encouraging a growth mindset among students produces students with grit, motivation, and a love of learning
  • Educational practices that broaden and enrich student experience with a range of creative, outreach, and applied learning activities in local and world communities are transformative
  • Academics and developmentally activities with clear curricular, instructional, and learning outcomes prepare students for the next educational challenge  
  • Curriculum that includes an essential knowledge base, as well as new topics and ideas, helps develop critical thinking skills among students, and is presented in a fun, hands-on approach, encourages a love for lifelong learning and discovery