Earl Has Returned Along with Chicken Chores

As you may have heard Earl, one of the Farm’s rabbits, has returned to the school for care by the students from now until mid-May.  Earl will spend a week in each classroom for the students to enjoy and share in the care of Earl.  We began this tradition last year and are glad to have Earl return for another year.

Chicken Chores have also returned for Mondays through Fridays.  Caroline will continue to oversee our regular farm chores on Mondays and Tuesdays while we increase helping on the farm during the winter months with covering chicken chores on Wednesdays through Fridays.  The students will help to feed the chickens, fill their water containers, put hay in the nesting boxes and collect eggs.  We are also keeping track of the daily amount of eggs collected as many classes will use the data to incorporate into their math lessons throughout the year.