International Festival at The Renaissance School

The Performing Arts room at the Commons/Endeavour building was filled with the sights and smells of many countries as The Renaissance School community came together for a spectacular evening of multi-cultural food, performances and activities at the First Annual International Festival and Pot Luck Dinner on Friday, March 28.

In addition to the variety of delicious food from around the world and outstanding desserts, students had the opportunity to participate in face painting, coloring of international flags, learning the art of Japanese writing, watching and participating in a Aikido Martial Arts class with a Renaissance parent, as well as participating in multi-cultural games such as the limbo and pull the broom across the line.  The younger siblings enjoyed the dress-up corner and wearing various colorful clothing.  Everyone participated in “guess the word” when a word from another English-speaking country was given along with its definition and the group said the equivalent word in the U.S.  Thank you to Caroline Juneau, the head of our foreign language department, for helping the children in the Second Grade class with the singing of a Spanish song and the Third Grade children with their French song and dance.  A highlight of the evening was the drumming and dancing performance from members of Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theatre; the students loved dancing to the music, learning some African dance and even playing one of their drums.

We would like to thank all the parents who helped create this event for all of their inspiration and work on making this such a great event for our families and to the students who provided entertainment throughout the evening. We plan on making this an annual event for our school.