Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools

A local Math Olympiad team last year included kids from Mater Christi, Edmunds, Orchard, Central, Renaissance, Shelburne Community School and Charlotte Central School. These students met one Saturday each month, from November through March at what is now our Endeavour space. During each session, kids solved 5 non-traditional math problems in 30 minutes using only paper and pencils. The challenging problems and supportive community of learners pulled many kids deeper in love with mathematics. Students do not need advanced computation skills or accelerated instruction to participate. Most problems require thoughtful reasoning and problem solving. A member of the local community, Paul Fitzgerald, has volunteered to organize the team again and Endeavor will again be the location. The nominal fee of $15 covers the team registration. For more information, contact Paul Fitzgerald at

2014-15 Math Olympiad Dates (2-3 PM):

  • 11/22 (Thanksgiving)
  • 12/20 (Winter Recess)
  • 1/17 (MLK Jr)
  • 2/14 (President’s and Valentines)
  • 3/14