Our Thankful Project

In the month of November all of the classrooms are learning about what it means to be thankful. The teachers model use of the word thank you while sharing in a family style snack and lunch and throughout the day. They also highlight acts of kindness in the classroom, and talk about what is special to each child as an individual.  The children will learn about the act of giving and continue to practice turn taking and using loving kindness with their friends, family, animals, and nature.

To celebrate this theme and the coming holiday, each child and teacher in the school will receive a paper turkey feather that they can explore and decorate if they choose. These feathers will then be collected and put on display behind our friendly turkey that lives in the school’s entryway. Keep your eye out in the next few days for a wonderful and fun burst of color as you walk in the door. See if you can find your child’s special feather. If you or your other children would like to add to our thankful turkey feathers and crayons will be available at the front desk. Let’s see how full our turkey’s tail can get!