Art Residency with Susan Raber Bray

The Renaissance School hosted a two-day Art Residency with Charlotte, VT fiber and ceramic artist Susan Raber Bray. The children helped to gather organic materials from the school grounds at Shelburne Farms which were woven into beautiful hanging panels.

Susan introduced her unique weaving method to the students, which she calls Japanese Stone Weaving. Susan worked closely with Renaissance School Art teacher Laura Poirier, as well as the classroom teachers, to assist the children as they mastered the new technique. Wooden looms, hemp twine and smooth stones from the shoreline at Shelburne Farms were all used in the creation of the intricate art pieces.

Each teacher has hung a section of the finished weaving in their classroom which will stay on display for the school year. Additionally, the Third through Fifth Grade classrooms have borrowed looms and materials to work with through the middle of December in the hopes of creating even more weavings.