Heartworks Professional Development Day

The teachers and staff of the Heartworks Schools gathered together on Thursday October 16th for a day of Professional Development. Heartworks maintains an active schedule of staff development programming each year, with eight to ten sponsored events, designed to meet the needs of the teachers throughout the organization.

The workshops were led by the five Heartworks Preschool directors; Libby McDonald, Joanne Pillsbury, Amanda Collis, Leiann Moran, and Kathleen Schaffner.  The teachers and staff had an opportunity to work in small and large groups, and collaborate with teachers from the other preschools teaching the same age children. We discussed ways to use cooperative games and gross motor activities in the classroom as well as sharing the many literacy and math activities incorporated into daily learning. We also spoke about the importance and value in a productive, meaningful, and fun morning circle. Overall, it was a highly productive, engaging, and beneficial day for all!