Fairy Dust Relaxation Jars

You'll need:

  • One glass mason jar ½ pint works best
  • Fairy Dust  (fine glitter) any color
  • Hot Water
  • Glitter Glue
  • Elmers Clear School Glue
  • Food coloring (if desired)

These jars are so fun to use and easy to make.  Fill the mason jar ¾ of the way up with hot water, leaving room for the fairy dust, glitter glue and clear glue.  If you choose to add food coloring add a TINY amount and shake the jar. Pour clear glue ¼ of the way up the glass and add the fairy dust and glitter glue. Shake the jar vigorously. If the glitter clumps continue to shake. Top off with water and screw the lid on tight. The children will enjoy shaking the jar and waiting for the fairy dust to settle. This is a great tool to help children take time to relax or calm themselves, it is also fun to make wishes when you shake!