September's Theme: Friends and Family

The overall school-wide theme for September was “Friends and Family.” We spent the month getting to know each other and establishing school as a safe, secure, happy place to be. We found commonalities in our family life and interests. We learned our new rhythm of the day and established our classroom space as our new “home.” We’re off to a great start!

The Upstairs Class: The children really enjoyed spending the month getting to know their community by examining maps of Stowe and Waterbury and then making their own. They pointed out places of interest, and their proximity to school and their own houses. The children really enjoyed telling stories about the places they visit with their families, and finding the commonalities between places they all visit.

The Downstairs Class: The children enjoyed learning about Community Helpers. We read the book, The Alphabet Rescue, by Audrey Wood. We then became fire fighters as we helped rescue the lower case letters from a “fire” and helped reunite them with their upper case letters.


October's theme is Water
Upstairs Class will be studying Lakes and Ponds and the Downstairs Class will learn about Rivers and Streams.