Heartworks Shelburne B Learns about Family and Friends

The overall school-wide theme for September was “Friends and Family.” We spent the month getting to know each other and establishing school as a safe, secure, happy place to be. We found commonalities in our family life and interests. We learned our new rhythm of the day and established our classroom space as our new “home.” We’re off to a great start!

Jenny's class made self portraits, a family album, friendship handprint tree, and painted a community fingerprint mural.

Hilary's class focused on family, friends and community helpers. They created self-portraits, made rainbow fish, learned about each other and our families, and painted a fall tree using tinfoil as a paint brush. The class also welcomed the Shelburne Fire Department and EMT’s to our school. The children had so much fun exploring an ambulance and fire truck!

Erica's class built a town out of recycled materials, learned about Johnny Appleseed, wrote their own class book, and measured each other with sticks. They are working hard to learn the routines of a new classroom with friends old and new.

Mariah's class created a poster made of handprints from all the children, drew pictures of their families, and delivered letters they made for other classrooms within the school! They also got to meet people who help our community: the EMTs from Shelburne Rescue, the Shelburne Fire Department, and a police officer.  The children got to take turns riding in the stretcher, exploring the inside of the ambulances, and even sitting in the driver’s seat! They also went on a field trip to Shelburne Orchards and picked lots of apples.

Sharon's Class made stone soup, made apple sauce then used it to make applesauce muffins. They also created life size community helpers by tracing their bodies and worked together to decorate them. They celebrated fall by learning about monarch butterflies, apples and Johnny Appleseed!

Sherri's Class baked apple cheddar biscuits used popsicle sticks to cut the apples, painted a fall collage, started family cookbooks, and painted houses.

Amanda's Class explored apples tasted and counted the seeds, drew self portraits, created a fall collage that was gifted to another classroom, wrote letters to friends in the school and delivered them like mail carriers.

The theme for October is Cultures

  • Jenny's class: Australia 
  • Sherri's class:China
  • Hilary's class: China
  • Mariah's class: Mexico
  • Sharon's class: Africa
  • Erica's class: Africa
  • Amanda's class: Africa