Got recycling? We can use it!

We are always collecting the following recyclable items

Baby food jars, small jar tops, butcher paper rolls, recyclable paper – where students can draw on one side, buttons, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, calendars (old), cereal boxes, coffee filters, cotton balls, corks, egg cartons, fabric scraps, feathers, felt scraps, greeting cards, magnets, margarine or other small tubs, newspapers, magazines, oatmeal (or other) canisters, packing bubble sheets, paper bags, paper plates, plastic lids, ribbons, sand paper scraps, straws (drinking), tissue paper, wallpaper scraps and samples, wooden beads, wood dowels, wood scraps, yarn, and plastic grocery bags.  So before you think of tossing any of these items into your recycling bin, please feel free to bring them to school for various creative uses.  Thank you.