October's Theme: Water!

Our October theme, Water, proved to be an exciting one. The whole school came together during the middle of the month to create a river that flowed into a pond on our playground. The downstairs class taught the upstairs class what they knew about rivers, and the upstairs class taught the downstairs class about lakes and ponds. All the children had to work together to problem solve when we realized one of the banks had collapsed.  The children listened to each other's suggestions and came up with a solution that worked.

The Upstairs Class with Amanda W. really jumped into learning about Lakes and Ponds. They first created a K,W, L chart to find our what they already knew about Lakes and Ponds as well as what they wanted to know. At the end of the month the children helped compile a list of what they learned. The children were surprised how much they knew, and were excited to learn more. The children made a large mural on the wall complete with frogs, cattails, and fish. The children also learned about the life cycle of a frog and put those steps in order.

The Downstairs Class with Amanda C. started off their discussion of Rivers and Streams by learning about the water cycle. The children learned about evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We then made a ripped paper mountain collage to show that rivers and streams start up high and work their way down to lakes and oceans. We also turned into frogs for a day as we learned about letters by playing “Musical Lily Pads”. The children enjoyed hopping around like frogs and landing on a lily pad when the music stopped. They then had to flip over the lily pad and identify the letter on the other side.  

Coming up in November:

  • Upstairs Class- Greek Mythology

  • Downstairs Class- Native American Stories