Heartworks Shelburne Building C explores Fall, Harvest, and Culture

Halle and Meg’s Class

Our friends in Halle and Meg’s class continue to amaze us with all they are doing each and every day. They love hearing and “telling” stories, bouncing along while listening to the teachers sing and exploring different ways to move around and explore the toys in the classroom. The room is full of smiles and the noises of little ones just finding their voice. The weather has been a bit up and down lately, so whenever the temperatures have risen, Halle and Meg have taken the opportunity to bring the friends outside to see and feel the changes in the world around them.
Decorating the classroom you will find footprint ghosts and witches and a footprint pumpkin patch complete with vines and leaves. Some of our friends had a chance to do “sensory bag painting” a sensory experience with paint and baggies. They had a lot of fun squishing the bags and watching the paint colors mix. We would also Iike to say thank you to William’s mother, Cathleen for coming in to read a Halloween story and do a fun Halloween activity. It is always such a wonderful time when parents come to spend time in the classroom. 

Jackie and Marina’s Class

What a fun month October has been in Jackie and Marina’s classroom. The children have been very interested in art activities, enjoying the chance to color with crayons, make pumpkin stamps with paper towel rolls and paint and glue collage material onto paper plates to create a pumpkin patch in the classroom. In addition to the art activities, the children have been enjoying sound shakers and sensory bottles, shaking them up and watching the materials inside float around.  The children also had a chance to explore with large tubes, experimenting with different items to see which would roll through, which were too big, and what would happen when the tubes were standing straight up. The children had so much fun with this early scientific exploration. Songs and stories continue to be a favorite and many of the friends are practicing imitating to motions found in Eric Carle’s Head to toe. Can you shrug your shoulders like a buffalo? 

Anne and Amanda’s Class

This month the children with Anne and Amanda enjoyed many new experiences within the Fall and Harvest theme and welcomed new friends into the classroom. At the beginning of the month the children enjoyed scooping and stirring to make hummus to try with the cucumbers that were harvested from the Heartworks Garden and roasted kale to make kale chips to bring home to their families. The children used glue and paper shapes to create scarecrow decorations and then stuffed real leaves into some spare clothes to make a miniature scarecrow, that is just too adorable to scare anything away. To finish out the month Anne and Amanda brought the children outside to explore the insides of three different sized pumpkins. It was a treat to watch the children examine the goo and work hard to place the tops back on the pumpkins. 

Danielle and Nikki’s Class

During the month of October the children with Danielle and Nikki learned all about the United States. While on a hike the children gathered sticks that they brought inside and painted red, white and blue for the American flag. They talked about the colors they saw and learned what the flag looked like. They made America Flag desserts, talked about different animals found around the country and enjoyed a lot of time outside exploring the playground, forest and courtyard. 

Rachel and Sam’s Class

The children with Rachel and Sam set off on a trek this month through the continent of Australia. With painted feet, and one truck, the children walked across a map of Australia and left colorful footprints from one end of the country to another. They enjoyed g’day greetings, sang songs about kookaburras and kangaroos and listed to the sounds of the Australian outback. One of the children’s favorite activities was creating their own didgeridoos out of paper towel rolls and joining Jenny and Anna’s class next door for a concert on the gazebo with a real didgeridoo played by Rachel. The children had so much fun this month and learned many wonderful things about Australia and Australian life. We would also like thank Lindsie and Bridget our two parent visitors so far for coming in and creating sensory bottles and cheerful mummies with the children.