October's theme: Creative Arts

This month the children enjoyed learning about music, painting, and famous artists and authors. See how each classroom explored the theme and view some wonderful photographs of their projects.


Jen’s Class: It was a musical month full of many musical instruments! After learning about fast and slow tempo, the children painted while listening to either fast or slow tempo music… Do you think their pictures look different? The children also made their own Chinese drums and created Baby Beluga Whales…while singing Baby Beluga, of course.

Clara’s Class enjoyed learning all about many different famous artists and creating art pieces inspired by each. A favorite was painting Lily Pads just like Monet’s Water Lilies. The children created a large color wheel for their classroom using primary colors to make secondary colors. It is beautiful!

Susan’s Class: The class hosted a wonderful Art Show this past week to showcase all of the art that is displayed in their classroom after learning about various famous artists ~ from Kandinsky to O’Keeffe. They even painted upside down just like Michelangelo. The classroom walls were filled with impressive art pieces! 

Teresa’s Class: While learning about many different Famous Musicians..the class enjoyed listening to Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart  and many more! They especially loved to dance and twirl to the different styles of music introduced. The children did a tremendous job constructing various instruments out of clay. It was exciting to explore real records and hear music played on a record player. 

Ashley’s Class: The children enjoyed learning about Famous Musicians and spent a lot of time listening to the different genres of music. Listening to both female, male, young, old, past and present famous musicians was quite inspirational. They especially enjoyed using marbles to create painting while listening to music and marching and singing to various tunes. The children each composed their own music scale with different musical notes; some were fast songs and some songs were slow. 

Leah’s Class Immersed themselves in the world of Eric Carle. The children painted beautiful paper then created many collage pictures based on their favorite Eric Carle stories; Crickets from The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, Caterpillars from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Turtles based on The Foolish Tortoise. They also enjoyed making pancakes from scratch after reading, Pancakes! Pancakes!  After learning the many steps needed to publish a book, the children wrote their very own book, just like Eric Carle!

Julianna’s Class: The class enjoyed learning all about Leo Lionni and was amazed at the many touching books he has written and the beautiful collage type illustrations he created. After reading Little Blue and Little Yellow, the children experimented with the colors blue and yellow and created yellow and blue play dough! They spent a lot of time growing their own alphabet tree after reading, The Alphabet Tree. After reading, Inch by Inch, the children made their own rulers, and after hearing one of their favorite books, Swimmy, the children cooperatively acted out Swimmy’s underwater adventure.

November's Theme: Culture

The classrooms will be exploring:

  • Jen’s class: Australia
  • Clara’s class: Japan
  • Susan’s class: India
  • Teresa’s class: Mexico
  • Ashley’s class: Mexico
  • Julianna’s class: Ghana 
  • Leah’s class: Kenya