Family Campfire

Despite the chilly fall weather, the annual Family Picnic and Campfire was a wonderful community event that was well attended by parents, grandparents, students, siblings, teachers and administrators. Thank you so much for attending the event; we heard many families say that their child(ren) were so excited and had made it very clear that they didn’t want to miss this special school event!  Over 80% of the families were in attendance!  After some family time for a meal, some children started playing soccer in the field together while others enjoyed creating their own time socializing together. It is heartwarming to watch the students include anyone in their games who wishes to join and older students helping and playing with younger students. It truly is a large and extended caring community! Students and family members gathered around the campfire together and listened to children sing campfire songs that they had learned in music class. Thank you to Nikki and Andrea for coordinating the wonderful musical selections for all of us! Soon the students were off to more field games, enjoyed eating cake, and playing with glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Thank you to Kristin Yardley for getting these items for this evening. It truly was another amazing event at our school on Shelburne Farms for the children and families.