See what the classrooms were up to in October

October’s Theme: Animal Homes and People Homes

During the month of October Sarah’s class learned about Life in the Forest. They took advantage of the “Magical Forest” on our property. They discussed what a forest is comprised of and who lives in the forest. They were able to make observations about the changes that occurred in the Magical Forest over the course of the month. They did many crafts with items from the forest including using leaves to make foxes and a beautiful autumn leaf collage.

Megan, Cassie and Amy discovered Life in the Desert. They discussed the difference in climate between Vermont and the desert. They learned where some deserts are in the world. They discovered plants and animals that live in the desert including rattlesnakes, camels, elf owls, scorpions, wolf spiders, and roadrunners; and they learned how these things survive in the desert environment.

Katherine’s class learned about Mountain Life. They discussed how lucky we are to be surrounded by mountains in Vermont. They talked about different activities that people do on mountains. They learned about different animals that live in the mountains. They created a giant mountain mural and adorned it with mountain animals.

Maria, Heather and Caila focused on the Rainforest last month. They pinpointed where in the world rainforests grow. They compared and contrasted rainforests to forests in Vermont. They identified and artfully represented the four layers of the rainforest on murals and discovered the exotic animals and plants that inhabit each of the layers.

November's theme: Science

The school-wide theme for November is “Science.”  The classes are studying the following topics within that theme:

  • Sarah’s Class- Transportation/Simple Machines
    The classes are exploring various modes of transportation on land, on water and in the air.
  • Megan, Cassie and Amy’s Classes- The Five Senses or Health and Our Bodies
    These classes will be studying the physical components of the human body, both inside and out.  They will make discoveries about the five senses. They are also touching upon nutrition; how the food we eat affects our wellness.
  • Katherine’s Class- Weather
    Katherine’s class is studying the various types of weather that we see, and even some extreme weather which we don’t usually experience here in Vermont.
  • Maria, Heather and Caila’s Classes- Solar System
    The Pre-Kindergarten classes are focused on Outer Space this month. They will be identifying and learning about each of the planets, including the order that they are aligned in, and features of each planet. They will be discovering facts about the stars, the sun and the moon.  They will be discussing what it would be like to be astronauts.