Visit from the Williston Fire Department

On Monday, October 5th we were visited by the Williston Fire Department. This visit was in conjunction with our studies of helpful community members and Fire Safety week. Lieutenant Baker, Firefighter Tony, Firefighter Dan and Firefighter Jeremy presented some safety tips and practices for Katherine’s, Maria’s, Heather’s and Caila’s classes. The children were able to practice “Stop, Drop, Cover your face, and Roll.” We also watched Firefighters Dan and Jeremy get dressed up in all of their firefighter equipment. They crawled around in their full gear and called out to the children so we could experience what they sound like and look like if ever we were to encounter them in a real fire. It was a helpful, informative exercise. Upon the conclusion of the presentation the children were invited to walk around and through the inside of a fire engine and an ambulance. The children in Sarah’s, Megan’s, Cassie’s and Amy’s classes came outside to take a tour of the vehicles as well. All of the children loved getting a close up view of the truck and were awed at the experience of being inside one- some did not want to get off!