Exploring Cultures

In October our school-wide theme was Cultures and the children explored countries from around the world. They read books, looked at photos, ate new food and learned words in new languages. At the end of our theme each class received passports and took a trip on the Heartwork’s Jet to visit all of the countries we have been learning about in each classroom. It was so fun and exciting to watch them fly through the hallways!

Jenny's class:
Jenny and her friends explored the down under! They loved learning about Australia’s culture. The children enjoyed the traditional music of Australia and made their own didgeridoos. They made kangaroo pouches and hopped through the halls in a kangaroo parade! It was so great to see how excited the children were to show off their pouches.

Sherri's class:
Sherri’s children kept busy baking, cooking, learning about fall and China. They made apple butter out of apples that they picked at the orchard. The children enjoyed the yummy apple butter on crackers at snack. As they learned about China they used chopsticks to move pom poms and listened to traditional Chinese music! 

Hilary's class:
Hilary and her friends took several plane rides to China to hike and explore the Great Wall! They painted the Chinese flag together and practiced using chopsticks! The children worked as a team to build the Great Wall of China in the classroom. They even went on a panda bear hunt around the school. It was so fun to see them searching through the classrooms to find a panda!

Mariah's class:
Mariah and the children in her class explored the culture in Mexico. They learned about the Mexican flag and even made their own flags to hang in the classroom. The children worked hard at learning how to count and identify colors in Spanish. It was so fun to listen to them identify colors around the classroom in Spanish!

Sharon's class:
Sharon and the friends in her class really immersed themselves in the Kenyan culture. They learned so much about African animals and even created their own habitats. The children listened to traditional African music and then made their own instruments, played music and danced together. It was amazing to see how excited the children were as they learned more about the cultures and customs in Kenya.

Erica's class:
Erica and her friends explored the Kenyan culture. They created their own musical instruments and even played a real djembe drum. The children created binoculars and went on a safari though the school in search of African animals. They worked together to bake an African treat to share for our international day. It was so fun to see the pride in the children to share what they had cooked with our school community.

Theanna's class:
The children in Theanna’s class explored the culture and animals that live in Kenya. The children made binoculars that they took on safari as they looked for African animals. They also began to learn how to count to 10 in Swahili! It was so exciting to hear them counting together in a new language. The children also really enjoyed trying to balance baskets on their heads like they do in Kenya!