November's Theme: Science

The school-wide theme for November was “Science.” The classes studied the following topics within that theme:

Sarah’s Class - Transportation

The class explored various modes of transportation on land, on water and in the air.  There was a school bus in the classroom that the children “drove”.  There was a vehicle that “flew” along a string across the classroom powered by the wind from a balloon.  They painted with tire tracks, decorated hot air balloons and designed their own three dimensional airplanes.  They capped off the month by making a Harvest Soup and hosting a fest for their families to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Megan and Cassie’s Classes - The Five Senses

The classes learned about and made discoveries involving the five senses.  There were so many fun mystery activities that they did to explore how we use our senses; from feeling a mystery object to smelling a mystery substance and listening to different sounds, the children now realize how important our sense are!

Amy’s class - Health and Our Bodies

Amy led the children on an exploration of the human body, both inside and out. They learned about the anatomy of our bodies - identifying different body parts and defining their purpose. They also touched upon nutrition; how the food we eat affects our wellness. They welcomed Maggie’s mom, a nurse, to come and teach them about First Aid - how to care for our body.  Thank you Lindsay, for coming and sharing your knowledge with us, the children learned so much!

Katherine’s Class - Weather

Katherine’s class studied the various types of weather that we see.  Every morning they noted the weather that they were experiencing.  They did various science experiments and art projects involving clouds, rainbows, and ice.

Maria, Heather and Caila’s Classes - Solar System

The Pre-K classes were focused on Outer Space this month. They identified and learned about each of the planets, including the order in which they are aligned, and features of each planet.  They learned about the stars, the sun and the moon.  They all discussed being astronauts!