November's Theme: Culture

Our school-wide theme last month was Culture and the children explored countries from around the world. They read books, looked at photos, ate new food and learned words in new languages.

Jen’s Class:

The two year old class enjoyed learning all about Australia. They made a beautiful classroom mural of the Great Barrier Reef complete with puffer fish, coral, and clown fish. The children had fun hopping like Kangaroos with their joeys in a pouch!  The class also made delicious Australian oat cookies.

Clara’s Class:

The children travelled to Japan and welcomed a visitor who lived in Japan for many years and brought the class many different, beautiful Kimonos to see and touch. The children made rice and soy sauce and thought it was delicious!! The classroom was decorated with beautiful lanterns the children made.


Susan’s Class:

The children explored the culture of India. They learned about peacocks, the national bird, and each made a colorful peacock to display. There was a traditional Indian feast brought in of Nan bread, rice, chicken and chickpeas. The class also loved getting a Henna tattoo on their hands! 


Teresa’s Class:

The children learned a lot of Spanish during their Mexico study; words, numbers and phrases! They made a big batch of fresh authentic guacamole, which was so delicious! After learning about the different volcanoes in Mexico, the children did a wonderful job building a classroom volcano and watching it explode. 

Ashley’s Class:

The children really enjoyed learning all about Mexico. They learned and constructed the Mexican flag, made beautiful poinsettias, and culminated the unit with a fantastic fiesta with songs, dancing, and authentic food!

Leah’s Class:

The children explored the country of Kenya. They did an impressive job learning a song all about the continents, practicing a few words, numbers, and phrases in Swahili, and traced the map of Africa. They made delicious Chapatti bread and learned many fascinating facts about the animals living in Kenya.

Julianna’s Class:

The children travelled to Ghana and made very official passports along the way. The class made beautiful Adinkra cloths using many different colors and stamps. They also made delicious lime bars using ingredients found in Ghana.