November Highlights from Shelburne Building C

Halle and Meg’s Class

Happy First Thanksgiving!  The children in Halle and Meg’s class worked very hard all month to create the adorable “My First Thanksgiving” shirts to share with their families this holiday season. We hope everyone enjoyed them. Many of the children have started to show more interest in books and watching their teachers read to them. November was full of stories about animals and feelings, shapes and colors, and a lot of song books. It is so wonderful to see the two way “conversations” that are happening and listening to the cooing and babbling and watching the smiles of all the children. 

Jackie and Marina’s Class

During the month of November Jackie and Marina’s class explored emotions and the Thanksgiving holiday through songs, stories, and projects. The children enjoyed coloring turkey feathers for our school turkey. The children are really starting to imitate motions in songs and their new favorite to follow along with is “All the Raindrops.” The most exciting part is when they get to pretend to catch all the delicious things falling from the sky. 

Anne and Amanda’s Class

During the month of November Anne and Amanda’s theme was also Feelings and Thanksgiving. The children learned about different emotions through stories, songs and projects. One of their favorite enrichment activities was exploring “puffy paint” on round pieces of paper and then adding face shapes to create a wall of “feeling faces.” The children really enjoyed exploring the new texture of the paint with paintbrushes, hands and fingers. Anne and Amanda then helped the children to name the emotions their faces were representing.

Danielle and Nikki’s Class

The friends in Danielle and Nikki’s class went back in time to explore the world of the dinosaurs. They learned about different types of dinosaurs, where they lived, how large and small they are and what they ate. The month ended with the children and teachers all putting on their paleontologist hats to embark on a fossil hunting expedition. The children used paint brushes to gently move around sand in the sensory table to find the dinosaurs that were buried under layers of wet and dry sand and stones. It was such a treat to see their excited faces when they uncovered the giant prehistoric reptiles. Danielle and Nikki’s class will also be working on adding decorations to the bulletin board in the library for the months of December and January. 

Rachel and Sam’s Class

Rachel and Sam’s class dove into the world of insects and other small creatures during the month of November. To start of this exciting theme, the children had a chance to “become butterflies” wearing antenna they created and using straws as a proboscis to sip nectar (apple juice) from small cups. Many of the children wore their antenna for the entire morning and promptly put them back on after rest. The children also created small bags of “frog eggs” using gel and a small glass stone. Each day the children inspected the bags for signs of growth often using magnifying glasses to get a closer look. There was much delight as the children observed the transformation from a small eggs to full grown frogs. Another fun project had the children taking ownership of the class camera and taking photos of where they thought insects might live. The children really enjoyed this fun new responsibility and worked intently to find what they thought was the best home for an insect and were all excited to learn how to operate the camera.