November Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne B!

The children in the class with Jenny and Anna were scientists this month exploring the world of Chemistry! They engaged in many exciting experiments including mixing, melting and watching chemical reactions. One day they made volcanos by mixing vinegar and baking soda. It was so fun to hear the children cheer each time the volcanos erupted. They learned about freezing water to make ice and even got to use salt to melt ice that had counting bears frozen into it! The children loved watching the ice change into water. 

This month the theme in Sherri’s class was Kitchen Chemistry. The children used measuring tools to be kitchen scientists. They made their own finger paints out of kitchen ingredients and mixed food coloring into the paint make it their favorite colors. Our school smelled of yummy pancakes that they mixed and cooked together. The children also made their own pumpkin pie scented playdough and brought it home to share. They were so excited to show their families their creation and have them smell it!

This month the theme in Hilary’s class was Exploring though Geometry and Colors. The children identified and explored shapes and colors together. They created their own shapes out of toothpicks pasted on paper. Together they created calming bottles by mixing colors and adding fun materials like glitter and beads. The children loved shaking the bottles identifying the colors and finding the hidden shapes. 

The children with Mariah were immersed in Irish culture while they studied the country of Ireland. The children created Irish flags and shamrocks to decorate the classroom. They heard folk tales about leprechauns and fairies. The children even collected their scraps from snack time to feed their new fairy friends. At the end of the month, Mariah played for the children traditional Irish music on her violin and they are danced the jig! It was so fun to see the children dancing and moving together. 

The children with Erica learned about dinosaurs. They were serious paleontologists identifying dinosaurs and digging for bones in the sandbox. Each child created their own dinosaurs out of toothpicks and even got to name them. Together they decorated a life size footprint of an Apatosaurus and found out that the whole class could all fit inside it! It was great to see how excited the children were to compare their own feet to the giant Apatosaurus foot.

It has been a very exciting month in Sharon and Amber’s classroom. They welcomed Amber and her baby Sadie back into the classroom!  While Amber was away, the class created a quilt for baby Sadie and gave it to Amber this month. The children were very excited to give Amber this special gift and proud of their hard work. They have been studying Antarctica this month.

Theanna and her friends learned about Vermont this month. They read the book, “The Sugaring Off Party” and looked at real taps that are used to tap maple trees. Then, the children took turns crushing ice and taste tested Vermont maple syrup on top. The children also made a chart of the fun things you can do in Vermont in the winter. They practiced balancing on “snowboards,” pretended to snowshoe and built ski trails on snowy mountains. It was so fun seeing the children really using their imaginations!

On November 19th, the whole school joined together to enjoy a concert in the big room! Our teacher Mariah showed us her violin and played us some Irish songs! It was amazing to see how entranced the children were by the music. Thank you Mariah for sharing your talent with us! 

On November 20th, the afternoon STEAM classes had a special visit from Rhonda the CSWD Schools and Youth Outreach Counselor. She and the children explored our compost together. They learned how composting works and how to keep our compost healthy. 

On November 24th, the whole school joined together to have a Thanksgiving Feast in the big room! We enjoyed our snack together is our cozy jammies. 

Amber and Sharon’s friends put on a Penguin Puppet Show on November 24th to culminate their penguin theme! The class worked hard together to make their own puppets and research their favorite kind of penguin. The whole school and families were invited to see their show. They did a fabulous job and taught us so much about penguins!