Endeavour Featured in Local Media

Taegen Yardley testifies in Montpelier

Taegen Yardley testifies in Montpelier

It has been an exciting few weeks for Endeavour in terms of media exposure. The students' efforts on State History Day as well as advocating for H. 297 to ban the sale of ivory in Montpelier have been written about locally and nationally. Here is a summary of recent press:

1. Shelburne News and Charlotte Citizen both featured the sixth-grade's participation in State History Day, with the Charlotte paper emphasizing the first-place finish by Charlotte residents Catie Macauley and Taegen Yardley. 

2. The Burlington Free Press explored the effort to ban the sale of ivory in Vermont. Endeavour's participation was highlighted both in text and imagery. 

3. A National Geographic online feature written by Endeavour parent Laurel Neme about various state efforts to ban the sale of ivory, featured the work of Endeavour in the Vermont legislative process. 

4. Seven Days VT ran a piece on the ivory ban efforts, and noted that  "sixth-grader Taegen Yardley, quite clearly stole the show."