Closing Ceremonies

Friday, June 5th
Heartworks Williston in "the Big Room"

At Heartworks we have established a tradition to conclude our school year with a ceremony for the children in our older classes. The ceremony includes a performance of songs that the children have been working on with Joanna followed a presentation of a certificate for each child.  It is a wonderful way to mark the end our year together. School will close at 4:00pm this day to accommodate the ceremony. The ceremony times are as follows:

  • Amy's class- 4:30
  • Katherine's class- 5:00
  • Ali’s class- 5:30
  • Allison's class- 6:00
  • Caila's class- 6:30

We look forward to seeing you there, as this is a cherished occasion for the Heartworks community.

In preparation for the Closing Ceremonies, Joanna will be conducting rehearsals at school. The dates and times of each of the rehearsals are listed below. If it is not your child’s day to come to school, we encourage you to bring them to school for these rehearsals so they can feel more confident with the rhythm of the ceremony. Please arrive 5 minutes before the allotted rehearsal time and we ask that you remain on site for duration of the rehearsal.  Thank you for your participation and support.

Rehearsals:  Wednesday, May 20th and Tuesday, June 2nd*

  • Amy – 8:45-9:15
  • Sarah-- 9:15-9:45
  • Allison – 9:45-10:15
  • Caila– 10:15-10:45 *class will be on a field trip on 6/2 so there will not be rehearsal
  • Katherine - 10:45-11:15
  • Ali – 11:15-11:45