September's Theme: Family and Friends

September’s school wide theme was Family and Friends, a perfect theme to start our wonderful year of friendship and community.

Jen's Class
In Jen’s two-year-old class the children enjoyed listening to the friendship book, Rainbow Fish, and then using bubble wrap and paint to create beautiful fish. They also baked delicious apple cookies to bring home to share with their families.

Clara's Class
Clara’s class worked together to make a colorful family mural including drawings of family members. The children also built a bar graph to show the number of family members each child has.

Susan's Class
The children in Susan’s class made “All About Me” flags which are beautifully on display in the classroom. The children enjoyed making friendship play dough where they each added an ingredient, stirred, and stirred…and then were able to share and play with the finished dough!

Teresa's Class
Teresa’s class thought of hopes and dreams and each child carefully illustrated these to make a stunning wishing tree. The class also baked bread to be delivered to a community nursing home. 

Ashley's Class
The children in Ashley’s class enjoyed a visit from Burlington’s fire station #1 where each child asked the fire fighters questions. The children then created impressive painted fire trucks to be added to the community helper mural.

Juliana's Class
The children in Julianna’s pre-kindergarten class constructed an impressive Vermont map containing key community places in our neighborhood. The children also welcomed the arrival of fall by painting fall foliage trees using Q-tips and paint. The children did an excellent job making delicious homemade applesauce. 

Leah's Class
Leah’s pre-kindergarten children spent a lot of time designing a neighborhood using various shaped paper. The children also baked friendship chocolate chip cookies to share and made beautiful friendship bracelets.

October Theme: Creative Arts…

  • Jen’s class: Musical Instruments
  • Susan and Clara’s classes: Famous Artists
  • Teresa and Ashley’s classes: Famous Musicians
  • Leah and Julianna’s classes: Author Study

During this month each classroom is also learning about and celebrating the beautiful autumn season and will be going on a field trip.