September's Theme: Friends and Family

The overall school-wide theme for September was “Friends and Family.” We spent the month getting to know our each other and establishing school as a safe, secure, happy place to be. We found commonalities in our family life, interests, even the number of letters in our names! We learned our new rhythm of the day and established our classroom space as our new “home.” We’re off to a great start!

Sarah’s class is settling in to their classroom community. Already these two-year-olds are sitting attentively at circle, completing enrichment activities and eating snack together at the table! They have loved reading Pete the Cat- I Love my White Shoes, so they have worked together to design their own giant shoe. Stop by and see their wonderful projects that are displayed in their classroom.

Megan and Nicole’s class dove right into the art projects displaying their creativity and willingness to participate in school work! One of their favorite projects was using various materials to create popsicle stick figures. 

Cassie’s friends were fond of the book, “The Kissing Hand.” They read it many times and created their own kissing hands on display in their classroom.

The children in Amy’s room got to know each other by drawing family portraits, making a family graph and growing a family tree.

Katherine’s friends have been studying Community Helpers in addition to getting to know each other. They explored the concept of being helpful and how they could help out too!  

Maria, Heather and Caila’s classes studied “Friendly Neighbors” and what this term means. These three classes were able to begin the school year with a field trip to the Chapin Apple Orchard in Essex. They were led by a guide, who taught them about the process of growing an apple from the honey bees pollinating the apple blossoms all the way to the proper picking techniques to protect future buds. The children also learned how to make apple cider with the cider press. The weather was beautiful as we crunched on the delicious treat of fresh apples.

October's theme: “Animal Homes and People Homes.”  

Each age level will be learning about different aspects of this theme:

  • Sarah’s class: “Life in the Forest”
  • Megan & Nicole, Cassie & Amy’s classes: “Hot and Cold Deserts”
  • Katherine’s class: “Life in the Mountains”
  • Maria, Heather and Caila’s classes: “Life in the Rainforest”