September's Theme: Friends and Family

Halle and Meg’s Class
The first month of school in the infant classroom is filled with getting to know one another, establishing daily routines for each child and simply enjoying being together. Both teachers have been working on creating an alphabet for the wall using the children’s footprints and handprints. The letters A through D are already up and look so sweet. This project with take the first few months of school to complete and will be up in the classroom for the whole year. Some of our friends have had a chance to explore paint on using their hands and fingers on a heart shaped piece of canvas.

Jackie and Marina’s Class
Our friends are growing so much and have already reached many new milestones just in the first few weeks of school! Sitting on their own, trying new foods, finding new teeth and exploring different ways to move their bodies are just a few of the ways the children are experiencing their days in the classroom.  A friendship tree has gone up in the classroom and each child will have a “leaf” made out of their handprints displayed in the tree. The children have enjoyed going on walks and exploring the playground while also establishing individual daily routines for each child. It has been so fun watching the children interact with one another and explore the classroom with excitement and wonder.

Anne, Lizzy and Amanda’s Class
What an exciting and enriching first month the children in this classroom have had! They quickly fell into a routine and are having small circles, wonderful enrichment times and are enjoying books and puzzles during transitions. Each month Anne begins with a group painting on canvas using paint and tape to create a word that relates to the theme. This month’s word is “welcome” and the children had so much fun exploring the paint and mixing all the colors together. On the wall there is a friendship tree with orange leaves painted as a group and individual “fallen” leaves created using glue and colored paper.

Danielle and Nikki’s Class
The beginning of the year has been filled with songs and the sounds of the ukulele. All of the children have enjoyed learning new songs, and getting to know one another during circle times and while exploring the classroom. Some of the fun enrichment times have included exploring playdough, making leaves for the friendship tree using handprints and finger painting the beautiful blue background for the friendship tree.


Rachel and Sam’s Class
Hiking and exploring families in nature has been the focus of the classroom this month. The children have been enjoying outside time in the forest looking for signs of animals and even finding a nest in a tree. The children used the clues found at the bottom of the tree to figure out if the nest belonged to an owl family or a squirrel family. There were many acorns and pieces of acorns strewn about the forest floor at the trunk of the tree; what do you think, owls or squirrels? They were inspired by their discovery to create animal family nests using natural materials outside on the picnic table. In addition to this wonderful time outside, the children used teamwork to created wiffle ball paintings, used crayons to color house shapes for creating neighborhoods in the block area and made apple crisp to share with one another. 

Starting in October

Next month the children in Halle and Meg’s, Jackie and Marina’s, and Anne and Amanda’s classes will be exploring Fall and Harvest. During this month the children will have a chance to explore the changes outside, create art with fallen leaves, and bake with the fruits and vegetables of the fall harvest. We are all looking forward to the beautiful colors of autumn and the fall aromas that will fill our school.

Danielle and Nikki’s class as well as Rachel and Sam’s class will be studying cultures this next month. The friends in Rachel’s class will be boarding a plane and traveling to the far off land of Australia, a place Rachel has been and holds dear to her heart. Danielle’s friends will stay close as they explore the wonderful cultures here at home for the “America the Beautiful” theme. We are all looking forward to the exciting activities and enrichments planned for this next month.