See what the classrooms are up to this month!

The ‘Teacher Choice’ themes for January are in full swing. The classrooms are bursting with exciting and engaging lessons and activities.

Jen’s class is having a month of Experimental Sensory Discovery. The children will become scientist and conduct many various experiments and use their five senses as they explore different materials.

Clara’s class is going to the Zoo! The children will have fun learning all about different zoo animals, what a zoo keeper’s job is, and why zoos are important to help keep animals safe and healthy. 

Susan’s class is learning about Winter Animals and will discuss which animals migrate, stay active, or hibernate in the winter. They will also do some tracking and compare different animal tracks. 

Teresa’s class will become Geologists and learn all about rocks and the layers of our earth. They will explore the different types of rocks, what the layers of our earth are and find out what causes an earthquake and a volcano. 

Ashley’s class is learning all about Dinosaurs. The children are enjoying the Paleontologist center, using the various excavation tools, and looking at the many photos of the different kinds of dinosaurs.
Leah’s class is learning about our state of Vermont. They will learn about our state’s location on a map, important geographical points, state symbols, weather, and industries. 

Julianna’s class is learning about the Polar Regions. They will discover where the polar regions are located in the world, what animals live there, what the weather is like, and how it compares to Vermont. 

Please feel free to visit all the classrooms in our school. It has been an excellent start to the New Year ~ We are looking forward to joyful months ahead!