Annual School Talent Show

Please join us for the Annual Renaissance School Talent Show on Friday, January 29 from 5:30-7:30 at the Endeavour Middle School. Please also encourage your child to participate in the show. There is a sign-up sheet near the front desk.

Last year over 30 students participated; talent can include anything they would like to share – from reading a poem, reading a short piece they wrote in school, telling jokes, dancing, singing, gymnastics, performing magic tricks or playing an instrument. Students can join with other students to perform together or perform separately. We would like each act to be shorter than five minutes. If a student wants music to be played to accompany their talent, please submit a CD with just their song that we can use at the show as this will be the only way to have music being played. We would need the CD on Friday morning at school so we can make sure it works well before the show. Thank you.

The Fifth Grade students will be the M.C.s for the evening and also be available to help any students with their act. Everyone in the school is invited and encouraged to attend the show, whether or not you have a child participating or not.

There will also be a sign-up by the front desk asking for dessert items to share after the show – brownies, cookies, fruit, etc. The evening is a wonderful social event for parents and students! We hope you will attend; it is a lot of fun and the students have a great time!