PE and Character Development

by Andrea Beam

The children have had lots of fun this year learning new games, getting stronger, and working as a team. In Character Development, we began the year with lessons in sportsmanship and teamwork, and have since covered compassion, mindfulness, and determination. We’ve incorporated these themes into our P.E. games to help reinforce the lessons. First through Fifth Grade students have been working on the specific skills and rules of soccer and basketball, and have played some exciting scrimmages as a result! With respect to these sports, the K/1 Class has worked mainly on the building blocks to excel in the sports down the road (i.e. ball handling with hands and feet, body and spatial awareness, etc.). In all grades, we have also focused on many “non-traditional sport” skills, such as hiking, yoga, hula-hoop, jump-rope, and juggling. We’ve also played lots of fun games like Capture the Flag, Steal the Bacon, and Sharks and Minnows. First through fifth grade students are currently undergoing their Fitness Challenges, which consist of running, stretching, and up to two minutes each of push-ups, planks, and wall-sits. Our next units for all grades in Character Development will involve courage, forgiveness, and honesty, while in P.E. we’ll cover volleyball and floor hockey, and once the snow is a little more plentiful, we’ll head outside to build snowmen, snowshoe, and cross-country ski.