Spanish Class by Marcela Bronk

Estimadas Familias,
Feliz año! I am amazed to see how much the students have learned in the first half of the year. We started Spanish across all classes with an “All about me” unit that helped everyone get to know each other and learn basic dialogue questions and responses. The K and 1st graders love to participate, play games and even practice in the hall. It is very rewarding to see them getting comfortable speaking Spanish. The 2nd graders are avid learners for new vocabulary and have completed several projects like “Todo Sobre Mí” notebook, “Scarecrow Prepositions” and recently decoded a “Receta para un banner” (Recipe for a banner). I am very pleased to see their progress and passion for learning the language.

The upper classes (3/4/5) continue to eagerly review and learn the theme vocabulary for the week. Their level of engagement during class shows how much they are able to remember from session to session. We also started the year with a “Todo sobre mí” unit and finished with a “Todo sobre hoy” unit. They really enjoyed being “El Meteorologo del dia” (the meteorologist of the day).  I was very proud of their fall project: “El Abecedario de Halloween” (The ABCs of Halloween).  Each student across third through fifth grade was assigned a letter with a Halloween noun in Spanish. Their task was to find the meaning of the noun, research three adjectives that would describe that noun and write a small paragraph to go along with their picture.  We had some fascinating adjectives like “espeluznante” (creepy) and “misterioso” (mysterious), which described the essence of their Halloween noun. They did a fantastic job with this project! 

All grades had a culture corner at the end of our units. We’ve talked about a very important Mexican holiday tradition called “El Día de los Muertos” (Day of the dead) and “Las Posadas” (the story of the nativity), which is celebrated in many hispanic countries. The upper grades also designed a movie clip to our holiday performance song, “Mi burrito sabanero” (Mi little donkey).  Looking ahead in the new year, the K/1/2 classes will be starting the “Todo sobre hoy” (All about today) unit, where they will learn about the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons along with activities that they enjoy. The 3/4/5 classes will be starting off the new year with a unit learning about famous hispanic people in sports, arts and literature.

Thank you for encouraging your child to learn Spanish. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave a note in my mailbox.