September Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne C

Class with Meg and Kaylie

The first month of school in the infant classroom is filled with getting to know one another, establishing daily routines for each child and simply enjoying being together. Meg and Kaylie have been working on a few small projects using handprints and footprints to create wonderful fall decorations. They have been spending so much time outside with all of the children walking around the campus and laying in the courtyard watching the leaves move in the wind and enjoying the end of summer and beginning of fall sunshine.

Class with Jackie and Marina

Our friends are growing so much and are reaching many new milestones just in the first few weeks of school! They have quickly settled into a routine and are having so much fun exploring the classroom space and getting to know their friends and teachers. The children have also enjoyed going on walks and exploring the playground getting as much fresh air and sunshine as they possibly can. Outside is definitely a favorite activity for the class. It has been so fun watching the children interact with one another and enjoy the day with excitement and wonder.

Class with Anne and Jacey

What an exciting and enriching first month the children in this classroom have had! They quickly fell into a routine and are having small circles, wonderful enrichment times and are enjoying books and puzzles during transitions. Each month Anne begins with a group painting on canvas using paint and tape to create a word that relates to the theme. September’s word was “welcome” and the children had so much fun exploring the paint and mixing all the colors together. On the windows you will find heart shaped suncatchers that the children created using contact paper and colored tissue paper squares. The also used glue and colored leaf shaped pieces of paper to make fallen leaves for the fall tree on the wall in the classroom. 

Class with Liz and Amanda

The beginning of the year has been filled with so much laughter, joy and excitement. Liz and Amanda have quickly established a rhythm that works well for the children that allows them time to explore, read stories, move their bodies, explore art and music, and get to know one another. The class goes outside for fresh air and gross motor activities rain or shine and the children love that time to explore big body movements in safe and controlled ways. As the months go by the children will continue to learn about using verbal and sign language to communicate their needs, wants and emotions. Some of the favorite activities from the month of September were coloring paper for the “friendship quilt” and creating nature wands using stick, tape and items they found outside.

Class with Haleigh and Nikki

Hiking and exploring families in nature has been a favorite focus of the classroom this month. The children have been enjoying outside time in the forest looking for signs of animals and insects. As a part of the Friends and Family theme, the children used crayons and paper to create mini “family portraits.” Each child had the opportunity to point out the family members they drew, and they were displayed on a family wall in the classroom. The children are enjoying exploring in the classroom  and are working on using books and puzzles to transition between activities, learning new greeting songs during circle and using words to express their thoughts and feelings.

October themes

Overall Theme for the two oldest classes is Cultures.
Children with Haleigh and Nikki will study Australia - the land, language, people and animals.
Children with Liz and Amanda will explore the wonderful cultures for “America the Beautiful.” 

All classes will explore Fall and Harvest, as well as their own learning concepts such as engaging in parallel and cooperative play, language use and development, gentle touches and careful body movements plus appropriate gross and fine motor skills. We are all looking forward to the exciting activities and enrichments planned for this next month.