September's Theme: Friends and Family

Children with Sarah and Amy spent the month learning to feel comfortable at school. They formed bonds with their teachers and each other while discovering all of the fun things that they can do at school. There are really fun materials and activities that Sarah offers for them including: a train table, playdough, pom pom sorting, painting, baking and so much singing and dancing together!

Children with Erica and Nicole are off to a wonderful start! They are already having so much fun with each other. They have been working hard on creating their family apple tree, painting their family portraits, graphing the pets that they have, and learning new songs!

Children with Georgia:  How much growth there has been already amongst this group of children! They are settling into the routine and are forming an incredible bond as a class. They have enjoyed enrichment projects involving gluing, sculpting with playdough, and music! 

Children with Amy are having a great time at school! They have already explored a variety of different kinds of activities such as practicing their handiwork as they sewed paper apples, following oral instructions when playing games such as Bingo, and learning new art techniques such as using watercolors. 

Children with Cassie are learning about community helpers in such fun, creative ways. They have made fire fighter helmets, and functional mailboxes; they healed teddy bears by placing band aids in the right places by matching up shapes, and they practiced their cutting and hairdressing skills by cutting the yarn hair of some popsicle stick dolls. 

Pre-kindergarten children with Maria, Leah and Caila have been learning about Friendly Neighbors. They have explored this concept on an immediate level as a school community and then broadened the scope to include the larger community of the town in which they live. From beading friendship bracelets, to baking muffins, building houses and engineering roadways to connect neighborhoods, the Pre-kindergarteners are off to a strong start this year. They also had the opportunity to ride our school bus to go on a field trip to Adams Apple Orchard to pick apples. What a marvelous time they all had at this beautiful local orchard. 

October’s Morning Overall Theme is Animal Homes and People Homes.

The classes will learn about the animals and flora that live in these habitats and what adaptations they have to help them thrive there. The classes will be studying the following habitats: 

  • Children with Sarah and Amy - Life in the Forest 
  • Children with Erica/Nicole, Georgia, and Amy - Life in the Desert
  • Children with Cassie - Life in the Mountains 
  • Pre-kindergarten children with Maria, Leah and Caila - Life in the Rainforest