Highlights from September

September’s Morning Theme of Friends and Family was a perfect way to start the year…. Here are some highlights.

Children with Jen and Megan were special bakers and made delicious homemade cookies which then were delivered to friends in other classes. The children also worked as a ‘team’ creating a beautiful cooperative art mural using cotton balls, clothespins, and paint. 

Children with Caitlin and Molly enjoyed designing their own family tree complete with family photos and paint designs. The children also had fun measuring their height using apples! How many apples tall are you?

Children with Susan learned about the importance of our community helpers. They learned about a firefighter's job and made footprint fire trucks. They talked all about what a dentist does and painted paper teeth using toothbrushes. 

Children with Clara created beautiful and interesting All About Me flags which are hanging in the classroom. They also made a list of the many helpful community helpers and their job, then each child designed their very own community member.  

Children with Teresa did a terrific job creating 3-dimensional homes using folded paper. The children also designed maps of their world; some children mapped their bedroom, their favorite tree, their toy box or their surrounding mountains. 

Children with Leah were neighborhood musicians and after some rehearsal time, put on ‘concerts’ for friends in different classes. The class also worked together and made delicious pizzas to share.

Children with Dominique really enjoyed learning about maps and filled in important places on their own Vermont map. The children also enjoyed making friendship playdough by mixing together various ingredients, including a surprise one that turned the playdough into a different color! 


The Heartworks Preschools have an enrichment program in the afternoon that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math  (STEAM).  Each day the focus of the afternoon curriculum is on one of these areas, combined with our traditional classrooms values of sharing, respect, courtesy, and listening. Through a broad range of fun and creative activities, the children are encouraged to make predictions, develop hypotheses, ask questions, explore, imagine, build and experiment. 

September STEAM Highlights: 

The children in Leah’s STEAM class...enjoyed learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly and worked together dissecting a milkweed pod, discovered the many ways a blender is a useful tool and made delicious fruit smoothies, and went on a shape hunt all over our playground finding trapezoids, hexagons, triangles and even octagons. 

The children in Teresa’s STEAM class...read ‘Bubble Trouble’ and made their own bubble solution and used different objects to create bubbles, created 3-dimensional shape structures using many unique shapes and materials, and learned how crayons are made and mixed together ingredients to make their own crayons. 

The children in Dominique’s STEAM class... planted apple seeds and are charting their growth,  experimented with water and learned what dissolves in water and what does not, and they created mixed media paintings while listening to various tempos of music.  

October’s Morning Overall Theme is Creative Arts

The classes will be learning about and celebrating the beautiful autumn season. Below is the focus themes for each classroom:

  • Children with Jen and Megan - Musical Instruments
  • Children with Caitlin and Molly - Famous Artists
  • Children with Susan and Clara - Famous Musicians
  • Each Pre-kindergarten class has a different author study:  Teresa - Maurice Sendak, Leah - Erica Carle, Dominique - Tomie Depaola