September Highlights - Stowe!

September’s Morning Theme of Friends and Family was a perfect way to start the year…. Here are some highlights.

Children with Amanda and Megan
The children really enjoyed getting to know each other and making friendships.  They also enjoyed many enrichment projects with the following seeming to be some of their favorites  - baking muffins, sculpting people out of salt dough, making Flubber, painting, and singing new songs! 

Children with Britta and Annabelle
The children in this class really enjoyed learning about the community that they live in and are a part of. They loved walking to the police station and the library. Children were very creative constructing homes out of boxes and engineering roadways to connect neighborhoods.


The Heartworks Preschools have an enrichment program in the afternoon that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math  (STEAM).  Each day the focus of the afternoon curriculum is on one of these areas, combined with our traditional classrooms values of sharing, respect, courtesy, and listening. Through a broad range of fun and creative activities, the children are encouraged to make predictions, develop hypotheses, ask questions, explore, imagine, build and experiment. 

September STEAM Highlights

Some of the highlights included experimenting with magnets, playing with light tables, working with magnifying glasses to examine fingerprints, art projects, and movement counting. 

October’s Morning Overall Theme is Water

The classes will also be learning about and celebrating the beautiful autumn season. Below is the focus themes for each classroom:
Children with Amanda and Megan - Rivers and Streams
Children with Britta and Annabelle - Lakes and Ponds