October at Heartworks Shelburne

Morning Theme Highlights

Children with Sherri and Sandra spent some time “down under” in Australia. The children learned about aboriginal art, some of the animals that call Australia home and Australian food. They also had fun going on a fall pumpkin hunt in the woods behind the playground.  

Children taught by Danielle and Kaylah and Hunter were busy learning about Chinese culture, food, and of course the Panda Bear! The children experimented with chopsticks in the dramatic play area, made beautiful Chinese lanterns, and created adorable panda bears in a multi-step, sensory, and day project.

Viva Mexico! The children with Hilary and Haley took a “plane ride” to Mexico and spent the day exploring the country and the beautiful  landscape. To start the study of Mexico the classes started each morning counting to 10 in Spanish and greeting each other with a morning Spanish song. The classes ended the month with making homemade guacamole and having a fiesta to celebrate Mexican culture and food.

The  two Pre-kindergarten classes taught by Amber and Angela spent the month on the continent of Africa learning about Kenya. The children explored the people of Kenya - how and where they live, what they eat and the animals of Kenya. The children with Amber particularly enjoyed learning about Zebras and marble painting adorable Zebras for the wall. Children taught by Angela learned some Swahili phrases and about the climate of Kenya. They created a beautiful african sunset for the the wall.  


Full STEAM ahead into another month of incredibly fun learning experiences in the afternoon, allowing children to expand their natural desires to explore, to imagine, to build, and to question. 

STEAM class with Danielle has been busy using the outdoors as their classroom. After conducting a science circle inside they go outside for beautiful fall hikes, classifying leaves, comparing colors and leaf shapes, using magnifying glasses to study leaves.

Children in STEAM class with Haley have been busy learning all about gravity. They collected different objects from about the classroom and dropped them off from different heights. The children followed up the lesson by going outside to drop parachutes off the big climbing structure.

Amber has taken the hands on concept of STEAM and applied it to technology. She set up four different learning stations using binoculars, magnifying glasses, flashlights and tweezers and after a discussion about how each tool makes their life easier and how the tools were invented, the children began to explore and discover the tools on their own.

STEAM class with Angela spent an engineering day and transformed their classroom and themselves into structural engineers using tape, pattern bears, and newspaper for materials. They built and designed bridges from tape and newspaper from chair to chair, chairs to shelves, and shelves to tables. After creating bridges the children were able to balance bears on the bridges - How many bears fit on your bridge?