October at Heartworks Burlington

Each of the classes enjoyed studying a different topic within the Creative Arts theme!

The children with Jen were so happy during this past musical month full of many musical instruments! After learning about fast and slow tempo, the children painted while listening to either fast or slow tempo music. Do you think their pictures looked different? The children also made their own Taiko drums and did very well playing their drums while listening to real Taiko Drums. 

The children with Caitlin enjoyed learning all about many different famous artists and creating art pieces inspired by each. A favorite was painting a ‘splatter paint’ masterpiece just like Jackson Pollock. The children created impressive color wheels for their classroom using primary colors to make secondary colors. They are beautiful! 

The children with Susan did very well learning about many different Famous Musicians. The children enjoyed listening to many different and impressive musical artists. The class especially loved forming a class band, each child playing their own instrument, complete with a conductor and performing for other classes. 

The children with Clara learned about Famous Musicians and spent a lot of time listening to the different genres of music. Listening to both female, male, young, old, past and present famous musicians was quite inspirational. They especially enjoyed watching and listening to Clara play her violin and ukulele like a professional! The children each composed their own music scale with different musical notes; some were fast songs and some songs were slow. Clara then would play each individual child’s composition on either the violin or ukulele. How exciting!

The children with Teresa enjoyed learning about the author Maurice Sendak and reading many of his books. The class constructed an outstanding mural inspired by the book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ complete with trees, wild things and Max.  The class practiced and performed a play retelling this fantastical story of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ for the whole school. Bravo! 

The children with Leah immersed themselves in the world of Eric Carle. The children painted beautiful paper then created many collage pictures based on their favorite Eric Carle stories: Caterpillars and Butterflies from 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', and Chameleons based on ‘The Mixed-Up Chameleon.’ After learning the many steps needed to publish a book, the children wrote their very own book just like Eric Carle!

The children with Dominique enjoyed learning all about Tomie de Paola and were amazed at the many touching books he has written and the beautiful illustrations he created. After reading 'Tony’s Bread', the children experimented with bread dough and made their own loaves of bread! The class spent a lot of time learning about Italy (Tomie’s birthplace) - where it is located in the world, exciting landmarks, and types of Italian food! The children did very well publishing their own books inspired by Tomie de Paola. 

November Classroom Themes: 

The school-wide theme in November is Culture….

  • Class with Jen will study Australia
  • Children with Caitlin will have a focus on China 
  • Children with Susan and Clara will learn about Mexico 
  • Classes with Teresa and Leah will study Kenya
  • Class with Dominique will learn about Ghana