Heartworks Williston Explores Science!

The school-wide theme for November was “Science.”  The classes studied the following topics within that theme:

Children with Sarah - Transportation
The class explored various modes of transportation on land, on water and in the air. The classroom was transformed into a vehicle wonderland with roadways and ramps, construction vehicles in the sand table, and there were box cars in the classroom that the children could “drive”. There was a rocket that flew along a string across the classroom powered by the wind from a balloon. They designed hot air balloons, airplanes and boats. They capped off the month by making a delicious Harvest Soup and hosting a feast for their families to celebrate Thanksgiving - complete with a parade!

Children with Georgia - The Five Senses
The friends in this class learned about and made discoveries involving the five senses. There were so many fun activities that they did to explore how we use our senses. They tried to identify an object in the “Mystery Box” using only the sense of touch. They conducted a blindfolded taste test, which was one of the highlights of the month. They also reflected on how many of their senses were engaged as they played with playdough- they could see it, they felt its texture, and they smelled it. After this month the children are now more aware of how important our senses are!

Children in Erica and Amy classes - Health and Our Bodies
Erica and Amy led the children on an exploration of the human body, both inside and out. They learned about the anatomy of our bodies- identifying different body parts and defining their purpose. They created a human mural, adding body parts as they learned about them.They also touched upon nutrition; how the food we eat affects our wellness. They created gardens of healthy choices as a way to emphasize the importance of eating well.     

Children with Cassie- Weather
Cassie’s class studied the various types of weather that we see. Every morning they noted the weather that they were experiencing. They did various science experiments and art projects involving clouds, rain, and rainbows. They even did a science experiment to create snow!

Children in Maria, Leah and Caila Classes - Solar System
The Pre-kindergarten classes were focused on Solar System this month. They identified and learned about each of the planets, including the order in which they are aligned, and features of each planet. They learned about the stars, the sun and the phases of the moon. They all discussed being astronauts and what it would be like to blast off in a rocket ship!

Afternoon STEAM Class with Cassie - This month the children were engaged in many Thanksgiving related activities. They experimented how to keep the feathers in the air using straws. They baked pumpkin bread and unanimously decided to deliver it to the police station as a way to say thank you for all that the police officers do for us. This class also sorted and counted all of the items that were collected for the Williston Community Food Shelf.  

Afternoon STEAM Class with Maria and Leah – The children explored the concepts of hibernation and thankfulness in November. They sorted animals based on whether or not they hibernate. They did an experiment involving lard and an ice bath that allowed the children to experience the effectiveness of blubber as an insulator. They engineered animal dens as well. Inspired by thankfulness, they baked treats for some special neighbors in Blair Park: the postal workers and the dentist’s office. The children also designed and implemented a project and engaged the entire school by cutting out strips of paper to create a chain of gratitude. It was so exciting to watch it grow each day as students and parents added links!