November at Heartworks Shelburne

This month the theme in Sherri’s class was Kitchen Magic and Chemistry. The children used measuring tools to be kitchen scientists. They made their own finger paints out of kitchen ingredients and mixed food coloring into the paint to make it their favorite colors. Our school smelled of yummy pancakes that they mixed and cooked together. The children also made their own pumpkin pie scented playdough and brought it home to share. They were so excited to show their families their creation and have them smell it!

Children with Kaylah and Hunter studied Life on the Farm.  The children learned about sheep, pigs, chickens, and the importance of taking care of farms in Vermont and nationwide. The children worked on their fine motor skills and shapes by creating adorable shape tractors.  The children really enjoying color mixing as they mixed red and white paint to create pink pigs.  

The children with Danielle learned about dinosaurs. They were serious paleontologists identifying dinosaurs and digging for bones in the sandbox. Each child created their own dinosaur footprint  and made paper mache’eggs. Together they decorated a life size footprint of an apatosaurus and found out that the whole class could all fit inside it! It was great to see how excited the children were to compare their own feet to the giant apatosaurus foot.

Hilary and her friends learned about Vermont this month. They read the book, “The Sugaring Off Party” and looked at real taps that are used to tap maple trees. Then, the children took turns crushing ice and taste tested Vermont maple syrup on top. The children also made a chart of the fun things you can do in Vermont in the winter. They practiced balancing on “snowboards,” pretended to snowshoe and built ski trails on snowy mountains. It was so fun seeing the children really using their imaginations!

Children with Haley learned all about carnivals.  They worked on thier gross motor control and hand-eye coordination while competing in a ring toss, balance beam, and parachute popcorn game. The children  create delicious carnival treats.  They mixed glue and food coloring to create “cotton candy” and baked delicious “funnel cake”.  

During November children with Amber studied chemistry.  They learned all about chemical reactions because  preschool age children are inquisitive and open-minded, perfect traits for budding young scientists!   The children’s favorite chemical reactions were mixing baking soda and vinegar to make a volcano, making oobleck, and magic milk.  What a wonderful hands on learning month!  

The children with Angela learned all about circulation and healthy bodies!  They learned about the functions of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.  The children’s favorite projects were using straws to blow air through to show how germs travel and using fine motor skills to make ripped paper “salads” that really looked delicious.

STEAM Highlights

The children in the afternoon STEAM class with Danielle have been hard at work on Fridays learning  wonderful math skills. They have been learning about patterning, counting, and shape and number recognition. The children particularly enjoyed the dot dabber dice game.  Following the reading of Ten, Nine, Eight by M. Bang the children created their own “dice” using coffee filters and bingo dabbers.

Children in the afternoon STEAM class with Haley were very busy this month.  The children enjoyed all sorts of projects, experiments and fun!  The children particularly enjoyed reading Elmer by David McKee and painting beautiful Elephants.
The scientists in STEAM with Amber donned their science goggles and watched color mixing eruptions.  They created the  green eruption by adding baking soda to blue colored vinegar and yellow colored vinegar. 

The children in the afternoon class with Angela spent a wonderful engineer afternoon reading Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty and creating their own solo cup structure.  The children first worked individually to see if they could create a tower using five to eight solo cups and then worked in small groups to create two large towers in the classroom.  After working for a while the children built a tower over four feet tall, all made entirely out of solo cups!