November at Heartworks Shelburne

Children with Meg and Kaylie
Happy First Thanksgiving! The children with Meg and Kaylie worked very hard all month to create adorable “My First Thanksgiving” shirts to share with their families this holiday season. We hope everyone enjoyed them. Some of the children have started to show more interest in finding ways to move around the classroom and reach toys they are interested in playing with. They are all watching one another and experimenting with crawling, scooting and rolling around the room. November was full of stories about animals and feelings, shapes and colors, and a lot of song books. It is so wonderful to see the two way “conversations” that are happening and listening to the cooing and babbling and watching the smiles of all the children.

Children with Marina and Kristen
During the month of November the children explored emotions and the Thanksgiving holiday through songs, stories, and projects. The children enjoyed making handprint turkey placemats for the holiday and spending time outside exploring on the playground. Books have been an increasing interest with all of the children. They have been eagerly choosing stories and making themselves comfortable in the closest lap to hear about Duck and Goose, sing along with “The More We Get Together” and explore emotions with the “Baby Faces” books. There is so much excitement when new books come into the classroom.

Children with Anne and Jacey
During the month of November Anne and Jacey explored Feelings and Thanksgiving with the children. They explored different emotions through stories, songs and projects. The children created collage faces that depict different emotions and sent home turkey magnets for the holiday. Along with the sentiment of giving, the class has been collecting donations of old jeans for “Blue Jeans go Green” a company that turns old blue jeans into insulation which is sent to Habitat for Humanity at no cost. If you have any old jeans you would like to donate please feel free to add them to the box outside of their classroom. 

Children with Liz and Amanda
The friends with Liz and Amanda used the inspiration from the sidewalk construction to explore vehicles and other “things that go.” They have had so much fun creating roads and tracks around the room using tape, bubble wrap, foam pieces and blocks. The children really enjoyed creating paintings using construction paper, paint and small matchbox cars and trucks; they spent a lot of time at the table dipping the cars into the paint and making engine noises as they drove around the table. It has been such a treat for the children to have trucks and “diggers,” busses and cars right outside the classroom. This month’s theme was definitely a hit. 

Children with Nikki and Cara
This class chose to participate in an Author study and dove into the world of Dr. Seuss during the month of November. They used the stories to explore many different early concepts such as rhyming, sorting, color recognition and letter sounds and of course a lot of fun imagination. The children were given the opportunity to explore different materials to create collage footprints, practiced using scissors and tearing paper to make green eggs and ham, and stacked blocks with apple shapes. Connecting the block to the story “Ten Apples Up in Top,” the children worked together to count how many apples could go “up on top” before the tower fell over. The children had so much fun with Nikki and Kelly and have welcomed Cara with open arms.