November at Heartworks Stowe

November Highlights from Stories from Around the World Theme

Class with Annabelle and Britta - Greek Mythology Stories
The friends in the upstairs class learned about many Greek gods and goddesses. They were especially interested in Medusa and were all eager to design a snake to add to her hair. They were also fascinated to learn about how Greek temples were constructed. 

Class with Megan and Amanda - Native American Stories
Megan and Amanda led children on a nature walk to collect sticks and materials to build teepees. They learned about where Native Americans live and how they hunt to get food. Children created dream catchers and Totem poles. They even used their imaginations to dance around campfires waving rainbow ribbons!

STEAM Highlights

This month the children were engaged in making a sound machine. They experimented with different sounds by adding materials with trial and error. Their sound machine was a huge success and is now used as a freeze signal! The children also created a snow maze in the field outside and engineered animal dens as well. It was very exciting to examine the snow and watch it melt.