Visit from "Recycle Rhonda"

Rhonda Mace, aka “Recycle Rhonda,” from the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) visited Heartworks in Shelburne on November 7th to help preschoolers understand why recycling and composting is important, and to learn how they can help “make the earth happy.” Rhonda visits around 50 schools in Chittenden County each year to promote the vision of CSWD, which is to maximize composting, reuse and recycling of products by diverting as much waste as possible from the trash.

Rhonda explained to the children that each person in Vermont creates about three pounds of trash each day, but that over half of what we each throw into the trash could be recycled or composted. Using sock puppets named Bernie the Bacteria and Flo the Fungus, Rhonda demonstrated how to identify which items can go into the composting bin or the recycling bin, and which items need to go into the trash. She explained that Bernie and Flo like to eat everything that goes into the compost, including the paper towels that we use after washing our hands and paper napkins that we use when we eat.