November at Heartworks Burlington

November Theme: Cultures

The children taught by Jen enjoyed learning all about Australia. They made a beautiful classroom mural of the Great Barrier Reef complete with puffer fish, coral, and clown fish. The children had fun hopping like Kangaroos with their joeys in a pouch! The class also welcomed a guest Didgeridoo player into the class who impressively played this incredible instrument. 

The children taught by Caitlin travelled to China and learned so much about this wonderful culture. The children made authentic homemade dumplings and thought they were delicious! The classroom was decorated with beautiful lanterns and dragons the children made. The class spread lots of luck around our school as they paraded through each classroom showing off their homemade dragons.

The children taught by Susan explored the culture of Mexico. The children did so well learning words and a few phrases in Spanish. The class loved making a pinata and designing their own poncho to wear. They learned and constructed the Mexican flag, made beautiful ponchos, and culminated the unit with a fantastic fiesta with songs, dancing, and authentic food.

The children taught by Clara really enjoyed learning about Mexico. They learned all about Monarch Butterflies and their long journey to Mexico in the fall. The children spent a lot of time listening to Mariachi music and made their own maracas. They also enjoyed a lively fiesta with traditional music and food!

The children taught by Teresa really enjoyed learning all about Kenya. They were so fortunate to have a few parent guests join the class to share their own personal experiences travelling to Africa. After learning about crocodiles, the children did a wonderful job making crocodile masks.

The children in Leah’s class explored the country of Kenya. They did an impressive job practicing a few words, numbers, and phrases in Swahili, and traced the map of Africa. They made delicious Mendazzi Donuts and learned many fascinating African folktales. 

The children in Dominique’s class travelled to Ghana and made very official passports along the way. The class made beautiful woven mats using many different colors and each child learned about and painted the flag of Ghana. They also made delicious Kelewele Plantains using ingredients found in Ghana.

STEAM Highlights:

November was another outstanding month of STEAM. The children are very engaged and interested in all of the impressive experiments, projects, building, artwork, investigations etc. that take place in the afternoon STEAM program. 

STEAM with Caitlin:
The children took advantage of the early snowfall and experimented with buckets of snow adding in paint and observing the rate of melt. They also were technology workers while investigating with screwdrivers and realizing the many ways screwdrivers act as a very helpful tool. The children spent a long time taking apart various instruments such as old phones, keyboards and exploring the inside mechanics. 

STEAM with Teresa and Clara:
The children were professional chefs and put together ingredients to make homemade applesauce. They also had a lot of fun working with the copy machine, learning how it works and just how useful of a tool it is. They especially loved making copies of their hands! 

STEAM with Leah:
The children were true engineers first designing, then constructing many different styles of bridges. They used various sized wooden sticks, tape and paper to build their bridges.  Which objects sink when placed in water and which objects float? This was a science question of the day. The children were able to test for themselves, using many different objects, what floats and what sinks? They then explored why certain objects sink or float. 

STEAM with Dominique:
After an inspirational visit from our Local Famous Artist, Katharine Monstream, the children in the art STEAM class experimented with watercolors and painted on wet paper. The final projects are outstanding! The children were Inventors during technology day and made telephones; yes! ~ using string and metal cans (it really does work!!) and the children can tell you how.