January's Theme at Heartworks Shelburne

During the month of January the school wide theme is “Animal Homes and People Homes”. Each classroom enjoyed learning about life in a different region. They discussed the animals that live there, the people, special stories from an area, and enjoyed creative art projects related to the region.

Jenny’s class spent their month exploring Forest Life. The children enjoyed going on bear hunts around the classroom and even created their own bear cave to hibernate in! Their classroom transformed into a campsite with a real tent. The children were thrilled to get to “sleep” in the tent and roast marshmallows around the campfire. 

Hilary and Sherri’s friends adventured through the Hot and Cold Deserts this month. The children learned about where deserts are located in the world and the different animals that live there. They went on many hunts for polar bears around the classroom and used their handprints to make prickly pear cactuses and created sandstorms with paint and sand.

Mariah’s class learned about Mountain Life. The children learned about animals that live in the mountains. The children pretended to be bears hibernating in caves and squirrels gathering food for the winter. The children even created their own beautiful mountain collages to display in the classroom. They even used their carpet squares to demonstrate how plate tectonics move to create mountains!

Amber, Theanna and Erica’s classes explored animal and people homes in the Rainforest. Each classroom grew their own rainforest by creating murals adding plants, animals and insects to the layers of the rainforest. The children baked muffins and breads using ingredients that grow in the rainforest. They were thrilled to use their math skills to measure the distance tree frogs jump as well as the length of a quetzal's tail feathers!