See What We're Up to at Heartworks Shelburne!

Halle and Meg

The children grew so much and reached so many milestones over break and through the month of January. From sitting on their own to taking their first steps, we have all celebrated these accomplishments and have continued to explore new ways to help foster and encourage this growth. Some of the children were able to explore full body painting using blue and white paint to create a backdrop for a fun winter project. Halle and Meg were also excited to have a few warm days where a few of the children were able to get bundled up and go outside for a bright and sunny refreshing walk. 

Jackie and Marina

During the month of January Jackie and Marina’s class was learning about winter and winter animals. They enjoyed exploring and painting snow, used evergreen branches and white paint to create a snowy scene and used bird seed and toilet paper rolls to create bird feeders for the birds that perch on the trees outside the window. All of the children excitedly gathered around the windows with Marina to watch Jackie hand the feeders while Marina talked to them about what she was doing. This was such a wonderful enrichment for the children who have shown a great love of all the Earth’s creatures

Anne and Amanda

Winter, snow, and ice were a huge draw for the children with Anne and Amanda during the month of January. One of the class’ favorite activities was using eye droppers and water to explore a block of ice in the sensory table. The eye droppers were a wonderful way for the children to practice using their fine motor muscles and explore the concepts of warm and cold. They explored small cubes of ice and enjoyed watching the ice slowly melt in a baggie taped to the window. The children have also been learning about animals and exploring animal tracks. They have enjoyed looking at animal cards and opening them to see what each animal's tracks would look like. 

Danielle and Nikki

During the month of January the children with Danielle and Nikki were transported each morning to the prairies of North America. The children heard stories about life on the plains learning about both animals and people and the different ways that things were when the plains were just being settled. The children created dome shaped huts using recycled containers and clay, fabric collage buffalo and even enjoyed wheat bread spread with butter that they made themselves using heavy cream, a little salt and a lot of shaking. What a special treat!

Rachel and Lizzy

As the children entered the classroom with Rachel and Lizzy during the month of January, they were transported deep into the forest with woodland creatures, fires for roasting and cooking food, and a cozy campsite where they could lay back and count the stars. Many of the days involved talking about animal tracking, creating footprint art, and exploring the artistic style of Brian Wildsmith to create colorful dreys, which the children can tell you are squirrel homes. As the children learned about winter animals and hibernation they thought of different ways to help animals during this time. Inspired by the story The Night Tree, Rachel, Lizzy and the children hiked into the forest to find their own “night tree” and created edible ornaments to hang for the forest animals to enjoy. The children show such compassion and care for the animals that are wonderful to experience.