Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Burlington

Jen and Hunter’s classroom is having so much fun listening to many classic and sweet Nursery Rhymes. So far the class has listened to Hey Diddle Diddle and made a classroom moon and star mural with many cows jumping over the moon. The children each made a Humpty Dumpty and a brick wall after hearing Humpty Dumpty

Clara’s class created castles in the clouds, using shaving cream and duplos, like the castle in Jack and the Beanstalk. The children did a great job cooking up some delicious porridge after reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Susan’s class is enjoying the world of Fairy Tales. After reading, The Princess and the Pea, the children did very well acting out and bringing the story to life in their classroom. They also made muffins after reading, Little Red Riding Hood. 

Teresa and Ashley’s classes are learning all about Native American Stories and Native American culture. 

In Teresa’s class the children made beautiful paper mache wigwams, and created a classroom totem pole using stencils and handprints.

In Ashley’s class, after learning about the importance of constellations and the stories they tell, each child made up their own unique constellation and story. The class also enjoyed discovering the importance of corn and the many ways it is cooked. 

The two Pre-kindergarten classes are all delving into the world of Greek Mythology and have come all together to listen to a few Myths:

Leah’s class enjoyed cooking some authentic Greek Food and making their own Pandora’s Box after hearing the myth of Pandora.

Julianna’s class has begun a beautiful mural of Mt. Olympus and Zeus’ family and made beautiful Greek Vases using an elaborate multi-step process.