February Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Williston

February's theme: Stories from Around the World

The two-year-old class taught by Sarah explored Nursery Rhymes. They highlighted some favorite classics such as: Hickory Dickory Dock, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, and Do You Know the Muffin Man? Among the favorite activities were baking muffins, putting Humpty Dumpty back together with some band-aids, and pairing up Kitten’s lost mittens.  

The three-year-old classes taught by Megan, Cassie and Amy focused on Fairy Tales. Castles were constructed, beanstalks grew in our classrooms and magic wands were made. Megan’s and Amy’s classes put on productions of The Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs for their friends and families.

Katherine’s class studied Native American Folklore. They immersed themselves in the Native American culture to appreciate the value that is placed on storytelling. They went to our Magic Forest to collect large branches to make a teepee and then they traded their kitchen area for a teepee and campfire! The children wove dreamcatchers and they made a totem pole to tell the unique story of their class.

The pre-kindergarten classes taught by Maria, Heather, and Caila studied Greek Mythology. They all loved creating Mount Olympus and learning about the gods and goddesses who lived there. New mythical creatures were created by your children that were inspired by the ancient Griffin (half eagle, half lion) and Minotaur (half man, half bull).  The three classes converged to create Greek olive bread together. It was incredible to witness how focused they were on crushing garlic cloves, chopping olives and stretching dough. The bread was delicious; what fun memories!