March Themes

March is a fun month at Heartworks, as during this month the teachers are able to choose their own theme.

Sarah’s friends will immerse themselves in the world of Birds. They will learn about many different types of birds, many of whom will hopefully visit to nibble on the birdfeeders that are hanging just outside Sarah’s classroom window.

Megan’s class will be studying Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Times. They will learn about what life might have been like during this fascinating era, including exploring some of the different species of dinosaurs and the landscape environment.  

Cassie’s class will be studying Life on the Farm. They will be exploring not only the animals who live on farms, but also crops and the work that it takes to maintain a farm. Cassie will emphasize the importance of agriculture to raise awareness and appreciation for farm life close to us here in Vermont.

Amy’s friends will be learning all about things Up in the Air. They will explore a broad range of related topics, from comparing the night sky with the daytime sky, things that fly including vehicles and animals. They will experiment with some fun projects including fireworks in a jar, and making rainbows! 

Katherine’s class will do an in-depth study about Frogs. They will learn about characteristics of frogs, do science experiments with webbed feet and sticky feet, do some hopping exercise and discover frogs around the world.

Maria’s class is studying about Columbia this month. She was born there so she wanted to share her native culture with the children. They will compare and contrast Columbia with Kenya and the United States as they discover the language, currency, animals, food and lifestyle of this South American country. 

Heather’s Pre-K class will be rock stars this month as they are studying Geology! They have already explored many different types of rocks and the children appreciate the hands-on experiential learning that Heather is bringing in with this theme. There are many fun, unique science experiments planned. 

Caila’s class will be learning all about our neighbor to the north: Canada. The children will get to know more about Canada’s similarities and differences to the United States including its geography, languages, currency, and wildlife.